Is Life Really A Gift?!

There are so many people who claim that life is a gift but not just any but a gift from God they say. Other people however think of life more as a grind than a gift. Many of you reading this right definitely agree with one of the two. So let’s try to examine both of these statements and see which one actually holds water.

“You’re Not An Accident!”

You have probably heard this phrase before, and for some of you that have lived around people that are so optimistic about everything in life has mostly liked heard “you are not an accident but a gift from God.” The fact that you are alive today is in its self a miracle. People are dropping like flies everyday and who knows tomorrow might be the day when you kick the bucket. So keep your head up and don’t be discouraged.

The Ups and Downs

The frustrating thing about life life in my opinion is that it isn’t a straight line. Man, I wish it was like that. Think about it, image life being like one of those graphs you draw in your math or physics class where the line just goes from zero to infinity. That would be awesome right! Living a life where everything just keeps getting better and better every time and the chances of having what is called a bad day is very small. Unfortunately that’s not how it works. Image that the graph again but this time with a line that fluctuates. That is how life is forks and we just have to deal with it. We have to constantly make a decision everyday to make sure that no matter what happens whether you are getting married, going for your daughter’s graduation day or on the flip side your loved one just died and you’ll will be burying him or her in two days time or you broke your leg so that means you can’t play football for at least the next six months and you have to either walk with a crutch or move on a wheelchair. Any of these moments, no matter how amazing or devastating they can be, are really just moments! Moments that are important for sure but nevertheless just moments. Moments that are a part of a season in your life.

One Day At A Time Boys and Girls, One Day At A Time.

I don’t know about you guys, I just have a certain level of obsession with finished products. I never put into thought on what the process was like before the the the merchandise got packaged and ready to be sold. Take the laptop I am using to type as an example. I never thought about how long it took for those poor scientists to figure out the battery life’s span or what kind of code to use, the input and output system. See, I don’t think I even know what I am talking about right now. All I think of is Can it do what I would love it to do like download movies, process updates without slowing down, how much memory can it hold?, can it send files via emails, Bluetooth, does it have USB ports?etc. I am a simple minded consumer! However life isn’t something that you purchase at a grocery store and expect it to work the way sellers have told you it will work for you. Think about life the way you think of a baby. Nobody in the their right minds would think that immediately after that baby is born it will start talking, walking, reading and even start dancing like Chris Brown in that “Loyal” music video. You have to take it one day at a time. Life is a process that you have to be patient with, besides we have no choice.


The morale of the story is that life isn’t something we go out and search for or some kind of job that we yearn to work towards. None of us came into existence with a preconceived notion that we were some how always meant to be. However we are here for a purpose regards of the circumstances we go through in life whether good or bad. So keep your head up and just take life one day at a time!

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